Release (3.0.1) - 19 Oct, 2023

New Features

1. Advanced troubleshooter for Sales manager and Superadmins

Superadmins and Sales Managers can now conveniently troubleshoot Event Details, Hosts, Rules, and Notifications all on a single page.
  1. 1.
    Click "View booking page" for the event you want to troubleshoot
  2. 2.
    Click Troubleshoot event to view troubleshooter

2. Contact Card design updates

Enjoy an updated contact card design for a more intuitive and seamless user experience.
Attach event while adding a call

Editable and Deletable Notes:

Efficient Deal Creation:
  • Click on the contact card for which you want to add the deal for
  • Click the "+ Deal" button.
  • Click "+ Add New Product"
  • Click "Yes, I'm Sure"
  • Add product details and press button

Streamlined Call Management:
  • Click on the contact card
  • Go to "Calls"
  • Click "More Details" if the call is strategy call booked
  • You will see the option to reschedule and cancel call

  • Improved Call Status Visibility:
    • Easily track call statuses in the call information tab, distinguishing between upcoming and past calls.
Enhanced 'Assigned to' Logic:
  • If a call is in the 'Strategy Call Booked' status and is upcoming, the 'Assigned to' option will be locked. To make changes, you'll need to reschedule or cancel the current call.

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