Release (3.0.2) - 28 Dec, 2023

  1. 1.
    SMS Integration in Workflows:
    • SMS functionality is now seamlessly integrated into Workflows.
    • Send text messages to invitees with multiple customizable actions:
      • After event booking
      • Before event start
      • After event starts
      • After event ends
      • After event cancellation

  1. 2.
    Country Code Segregation in Disqualification Criteria:
  • Disqualify leads based on country codes within specific regions.
  • Simply select the region, and all associated country codes will be disqualified.

  1. 3.
    Role Management Enhancements:
  • Update any existing role to the super admin role.
  • Duplicate roles with permissions for efficient role creation.

  1. 4.
    Email and Notification Improvements:
  • Increase email body length up to 1500 characters in Notifications and Workflows.
  • Craft detailed and comprehensive email content without restrictions.

  1. 5.
    Extended Event Description Length:
  • Event descriptions now support up to 1500 characters.
  • If the length exceeds 500 characters, a "See More" and "See Less" button will appear.
  • The description area will display a maximum of 500 characters at a time, with a scroll bar for convenient navigation.

  1. 6.
    Improved Call Time Integration for Zapier and
  • There is update to our integration with Zapier and, introducing a refined call time format. With this enhancement, the integration now includes explicit mention of the invitee's call start time and end time, as well as the closer's call start time and end time. Additionally, the UTC timezone will be clearly indicated for precise and standardized time tracking. This update ensures more accurate and comprehensive data exchange during your integrations