How to add SMS reminders?

Feasibility of sending multiple SMS reminders to leads/contacts, significantly boosts show-up rates!


  1. Ensure that the company owner has linked a card with iClosed containing adequate funds, as the SMS feature relies on this for operation. Visit "" and verify that the correct card, with sufficient funds, is associated.

  2. Before utilizing this feature, please familiarize yourself with the SMS costs, which are contingent on the lead's geographical region. Refer to the "Pricing of SMS doc" for details.

  3. By default, SMS visibility is limited to Sales Managers and Super Admins, but you can grant access to specific team members (How to manage permissions for SMS reminders)

This guide explains how to add multiple SMS reminders using iClosed. It provides step-by-step instructions on editing the SMS content, activating the SMS feature, and adding multiple reminders.

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