Getting started with the integration of iClosed and is simple:

1. Login: Log in to your iClosed account and navigate to the 'Integrations' section in the settings menu.

2. Connect Click on the card "View Configuration" option and login into your account

3. Install iClosed on You will be routed to the page where you can install the iClosed app

4. Select your organization

5. Make a new scenario: Go to the and in the organization click on "Create a new scenario"

6. Search iClosed app and click it

7. There are multiple triggers that iClosed provides. Choose the trigger on which you want to create action

8. Create a webhook after it

9. Create a connection

10. While making a connection you have to enter the iClosed credentials and press the save button

11. After the connection is built; select the account of iClosed from where you want to generate a trigger

Note: If you have multiple accounts select the desired one from dropdown

12. Press the "Run Once" button in the left bottom to test the trigger and then go to the iClosed app to generate the trigger and you will be able to see it in

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